Alle concerten geannuleerd vanwege COVID-19

Due to the international COVID-19 crisis, all future performances and plans are on hold. The Counterpoints are using this time to develop a new and very exciting project, focussing on the repertoire from their own country, The Netherlands. The 17th Century Dutch paintings are world-famous, but the music from this incredibly interesting period often stays hidden in dusty cupboards and is rarely performed. In this programme, The Counterpoints want to connect Dutch music from the 17th century with the greatest paintings made at the same time and place, and present the audience a true audio-visual spectacle in which the “Golden Age of the Republic” comes to life again. Belgian soprano Jole de Baerdemaeker will join The Counterpoints for this programme, presenting some of the most pious as well as juicy songs from churches and taverns in the old Dutch language.